Channel 1: WTCC 2015 @ Hungaroring

20:30 - 21:15 Free Practice
21:15 - 21:30 Qualifications
21:30 - 21:35 SuperPole, 1 shot lap (only for Top 5 drivers)
21:35 - 21:45 Warm-Up
21:45 - __:__ Race 1
__:__ - __:__ Race 2 (reverse grid for the first 10 drivers of Race 1)

Channel 4: Race of Champions

Race of Champions final 16 by takes place at the Rajamangala Stadium, with four different kind of cars randomly chosen. First edition on rFactor2.

Channel 5: Racersleague GT Pro | 9. Lauf | Brands Hatch

Ein weiteres Rennen steht in der Racersleague GT Pro Series an. Und natürlich stellt sich jeder die Frage: Wer gewinnt? Wer kommt sonst aufs Treppchen und wer kommt unter die Räder? Diese und auch alle anderen Fragen beantworten euch Felix Heinen und Markus Frühauf hier ab 19:45 Uhr bei

Channel 3: BalkanSimRacing R8 Italy-Coppa Val D’anapo Sortino

It is time for new round of our hillclimb championship. Now we are in Italy and ready for new challenge. Join us -

Channel 4: FGR – 2. Rennen

FGR – 2. Rennen

Channel 1: CityLiga 20.01

Headline TBA later starting

This is a dummy text, will be updated at late date, so the content is fits the cirumstances preceding an event.

Channel 2: GTR² GT1 Pro - Interlagos

Start Qualifikation 1: 20:10 Uhr
Start Qualifikation 2: 20:40 Uhr (Top 5)
Start Warm-up: ca. 20:50 Uhr
Start Rennen: ca. 21:00 Uhr
Rennlänge: 90 Minuten

Channel 3: [rF1] ROUND 07: Belgium

The 7th edition of Campionato Italiano rF1 by, the first on rFactor2. About 30 drivers on the grid, V6 engines, real time weather and much more. Here we go in Belgium for the seventh Grand Prix!